This fitting allows the connection of high or low density polyethylene pipes.
The TOF joint system is very simple, easy and quick to install. It consists of only two elements: rubber truncated cone-shaped gasket and metal or plastic anchor ring. The rubber ring has a special configuration due to the polyethylene and production technology.
The truncated cone conforms to pipe tolerance (including ovality) and ensures a perfect hydraulic seal thanks to its proportional resistance, thus offering an important support to the mechanical sealing ring.
The special configuration of the mechanical sealing ring ensures a good adaptation to pipe tolerance and a perfect fastening to the pipe. For PE 100 pipes and gas pipes an internal reinforcing element (bushing) makes the pipe more rigid. The TOF PE joint with reinforced bushing is suitable for PE-X pipes.
The TOF joint is classified as type A compression joint, complying with regulation EN1254-3. The threads comply with regulation UNI ISO 7/1.
Fitting für den Anschluss von Rohrleitungen aus Polyäthylen hoher oder niedriger Dichte.

Temperature limits
from +5°C to +80°C
Pressure limits
PN16 (20°C)

Max. Temperature:
from +5°C to +80°C

Max. Pressure:
PN16 (20°C)

The max pressure is measured at ambient temperature. For other temperatures please check the PN reduction according to EN12201-1 (appendix A).
Note: do not use this fitting at temperatures above the ones agreed for the pipe.
Threaded end connections UNI ISO 7/1

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