EFFEBI produces ball valves for industrial and civil use following the highest quality standards, using the most up to date production equipments anddigital controls. The development, mounting and testing of the industrial ball valves are made by the subsidiary company Binox.

Patented cone-shaped upper sealing System DSS4

PATENT DSS4® (Dynamic Sealing Sistem 4)

Technical Features:

  • Automatic: as the inner pressure increases, the tightness of the stem seal increase as well, thanks to the 2 conical shaped gaskets.
  • Dynamic and safe: the 2 conical gaskets on the stem rotate integrally with it against the 2 fixed conical gaskets on the body, obtaining a perfect sealing by PTFE against PTFE. This patented system is suitable for an extensive variety of media, both liquid and gaseous, in a wide range of working conditions.
  • Long lasting and adjustable: many years of intense use in the most diverse installations with excellent results are the best guarantee for every user, the sliding of PTFE on PTFE is self-lubricating, without wear and consequently maintenance free. The gland is adjustable in order to regulate the compression of the stem seal package.

Research and development

The experience of over 40 years in the production of ball valves is today integrated with modern softwares of fluid dynamics which can simulate the real conditions of use. EFFEBI technical department works with latest versions of technical software and other innovative solutions.

Valves are developed and tested in a State of the art Laboratory, considering the most restrictive and heavy duty application conditions and are periodically re-qualified according to the latest norms and standards. New products and solutions, in order to offer customers an increasing product-, temperature- and pressure range, are constantly under development.