Kronos Push

Application fields:
The KRONOS PUSH fittings for steel pipe are used for repairs of civil water and gas plants renovation, industrial and civil heating, hydraulic plants.

Fittings for galvanized iron pipes according to: UNI-EN 10255 / EN10240
The fitting with double joint has a plane hole for an easy use in different fields.
The fitting with double joint isn’t suitable for lasting of shear stresses acc. to DIN 3387:-1:2008-11

Threaded end connections:
• Standard female and male according to UNI ISO 7/1 (UNI EN 10226).

Temperature limits
with fluids from –20°C to +90°C
with gas from –20°C to +60°C
Pressure limits
(20°): 3/8”-3/4”=PN50 - 1”=PN40 -1”-1/2=PN25 - 2”=PN20

• The KRONOS PUSH fitting for steel pipes allows to connect and/or repair steel pipes.
• The cone-shaped (NBR) sealing system compensates for possible under sized diameter of the pipe.
• The antithreading brass ring sticks perfectly to the pipe thanks to its auto-locking serration.

Temperature limits:
for fluids from –20°C to +90°C
for gas from –20°C to +60°C

Pressure limits for fluids (20°):
3/8”- 1” =PN50 – 1”1/4 – 1”1/2 =PN32 - 2” =PN25
for gas MOP5



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