This fitting allows the connection of pipes in polyethylene with high and low density.
The anchoring and connection system represents the simplest, lightest and fastest system. It consists of only two elements: a truncated conical rubber seal and an anchor ring (Plastic or metal). The specific configuration of the rubber ring will depend on the particular properties of the polyethylene as well as of its manufacturing technology. The conical stem adapts itself to the pipe tolerances (including the ovalization) and allows a perfect hydraulic tightness due to its proportional resistance that supports the ring for the mechanical seal. The ring for the mechanical seal, because of its particular configuration, adapts itself to pipe tolerances and allows a perfect clamping on the pipe itself. For the tubes in PE 100 is available an internal reinforcement (bushing), which stiffens the pipe.

Max. Temperature:
from +5°C to +80°C

Max. Pressure:
PN16 (20°C)

The max pressure is measured at ambient temperature. For other temperatures please check the PN reduction according to EN12201-1 (appendix A).
Note: do not use this fitting at temperatures above the ones agreed for the pipe.
Threaded end connections UNI ISO 228

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