Ball valves for gas

Presstige Gas

Application fields:
The PRESSTIGE connection system enables speedy installation due to the press fit ends using V or M type tools, for sizes 15-18-22-28.
The valve design incorporates a press-fit connection which reduces cost and time of installation. The valve complies with UNI EN 1057 and is suitable for installation on copper pipes type R250, thickness 1 and 1,5, and in gas installations (families 1°, 2°, 3° to EN 437).

This valve is not suitable in installations which require high temperature resistance. The PRESSTIGE series complies to the regulation (UE) 305/2011 CPR (Building Material).

Operation devices:
Yellow aluminium lever, yellow aluminium T-handle.

All the valves comply with the regulation 2014/68/CE and are tested 100% on pneumatic seal with electronic control.

Temperature limits
from -20°C to +60°C
Pressure limits


anti blow out.

high resistance virgin PTFE.

Upper seal:
4 seals

1 PTFE ring - high pressure
2 anti-friction self-adjusting cone shaped seals, in PTFE- medium and low pressure
1 O-Ring - low pressure.

internal nickel free.

* Valve: complies with EN331 not suitable for use in installations which require high temperature resistance.
Press fittings it is not considered in EN331-1997

comply with UNI 11065 - UNI TS 11147 pr EN 1254-7 : 05

UNI ISO 228.

for gas from -20°C to +60°C

Pressure limits:
for gas MOP5

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