TOF Link

Yellow and chromium-plated brass threaded fittings

Temperature limits
Min. -20°C / max. +130°C (fittings with seal +85°C)
Pressure limits

The raw materials are bought by Italian manufacturers and comply with the most recent European Rules restricting the lead quantity used.

All threads comply with ISO 228/1, with the exception of FIGURE 282 which thread complies with UNI ISO 7/1 (UNI EN 10226).

The TOF LINK series is made of brass:
• Bar ST UNIEN 12165 CW617N M RND A LEAD MAX 2,2 for articles made with hot-pressing
• Bar ST UNIEN 12165 CW617N M B LEAD MAX 2,2 for articles made with automatic lathe for bar
LEAD MAX 2,2 is the maximum content of lead.

All the fittings are made in italy.

Temperature limits:
Min. -20°C / max. +130°C (fittings with seal +85°C)

Pressure limits:

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