Brass ball valves


Application fields:
The series STAR is suitable for the water inlet to the wash machine.
The version 1/2” is also suitable as tap for rinsing tank

Threaded end connections:
• Standard Male according to ISO 228/1.

Operation devices:
Lever in chromium-plated metal

All the valves are tested 100% on pneumatic seal with electronic control.

Temperature limits
from -10°C till +90°C
Pressure limits
PN 40


anti blow out.

Upper seal:
3 seals

1 PTFE ring - high pressure
2 O-ring – low pressure

• Brilliant and chromium-plated surface
• Lever in chromium-plated metal
• Upper seal with 3 seals and anti blow out
• Brass and chromium-plated rosette
• Adjustable rosette
• Identification cap, blue, red, grey
• Self-cleaning ball system.

Temperature limits:
for fluids from -10°C till +90°C

Pressure limits:
for fluids PN40

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