Brass ball valves


Application fields:
The SONDA ball valve is used in central heating systems where it is necessary to have a temperature/pressure point. The valve is usually installed at the inlet and outlet of the system in order to determine the temperature difference (when connected to a heatmeter).

Threaded end connections:
• female according to UNI ISO 228/1.

Operation devices:
Red aluminium T-handle.

All the valves comply with the regulation 2014/68/CE and are tested 100% on pneumatic seal with electronic control.

Temperature limits
from –15°C to +110°C
Pressure limits
of 40 bar (20°C)

• The SONDA valve has a boss on the underside of the valve (threaded M10x1).
By removing the cap, it is possible to insert a temperature measuring probe.
The unique design of the drilled ball awolis the probe to be fully inserted into the fluid flow.

full (3/4" x 1”) reduced (1”x 1”).

anti blow out.

high resistance virgin PTFE.

Upper seal:
3 seals

1 PTFE ring - high pressure.
2 O-Ring - low pressure.

Internal surfaces are nickel free and comply with forthcoming European drinking water regulations.

special self-washing system that avoids stagnation.

Temperature limits:
for fluids from –15°C to +110°C

Pressure limits:
for fluids of 40 bar (20°C)

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