Brass ball valves


Application fields:
The ISIS ball valve is particularly suitable for those installations where aggressive water causes dezincification in standard brass alloys and weakens the material molecular structure of the material.
Thanks to these features it is suitable for chilled water and sea water installations (recommended with Stainless steel lever K003) and can be installed on boats.

Threaded end connections:
• Standard female according to UNI ISO 7/1 (UNI EN 10226).
• Sccording to UNI ISO 228/1 on request.
• Copper pipe with compression brass olives.

Operation devices:
Steel lever, aluminium T-handle.

Available colours:

All the valves comply with the regulation 2014/68/CE and are tested 100% on pneumatic seal with electronic control.

• The ISIS ball valve is manufactured in DZR, a particular antidezincification resistant copper alloy with high corrosion resistance.


anti blow out.

high resistance virgin PTFE.

Upper seal:
4 seals:
1 PTFE ring - high pressure
2 anti-friction self-adjusting cone-shaped seals, in PTFE -medium and low pressure
1 O-Ring - low pressure.

Temperature limits:
for fluids from –15°C to +120°C

Pressure limits:
For fluids from PN40 up to PN20 (Art.-No. 2415:PN16) (DNV:PN20)

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