New t handle condensation proof

The isolating system of the lever ISOLT® can be used in different fields, particularly in HVAC systems where it is requested to thermally protect and insulate the pipes.
The tests performed in our laboratory clearly demonstrated that the lever ISOLT® is the ideal solution as it generates no condensation.

• Special lever « condensation proof » and « drop free » made of polyamide PA6 with internal steel reinforcement
• Easy to move and ergonomic shape
• Higher thermal insulation
• Delivered with 3 replaceable caps ( green-blue-red )
• Complete range from 1/2” to 2” on ASTER F/F ( art. 0887P ) and Presstige ( art. 0787P )
• Available as a kit on series: GALAXY-MERCURYVENUS-COMET-ATHENA- ISIS

For technical details of the valves, please consult the technical data sheets of Aster and Presstige

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