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•    CONSTRUCTION:     ASTM A105 (body from bar)
                                   LF2 (from casting).  **
•    STANDARDS: BS EN ISO 17292:2004.
•    CERTIFICATION:     FIRE SAFE according to BS 6755 - API 6 FA - API 607
                                   TÜV for TA Luft (only PTFE).
•    PRESSURES:           PN40 body from bar
                                   PN16 body from casting or body from bar.
•    TEMPERATURE LIMITS:         -10°C / +180°C A105 (PTFE)
                                                -20°C / +180°C LF2 (PTFE).
•    CONNECTIONS with flanges: UNI-EN 1092 and DIN2501 BL.1.    
•    FLANGE DRILLING: metric.
•    STEM: Anti blow out with anti-static device.
•    SEAL: triple patented stem-packing with labyrinth effect with automatic
    adjustment by Belleville washers.
•    OPERATOR: lever. Available colours: black, yellow.
•    FLANGE: Bolted flange for ball retaining.
•    BALL: not overflowing.

ON-OFF valve for: chemical products, food plants, distribution lines for gas, air, water. Suitable for average vacuum (see page 420),  steam up to +200°C with PTFE+CARBOGRAPHITE.

•    PTFE+15% GLASS FIBRE: + 190°C.
•    PTFE+CARBOGRAPHITE: + 200°C (optimum from 60°C to 200°C).
•    Peek for high temperatures  up to  260°C
    (optimum from 100°C to 260°C).
•    Ball drilling.
•    PTFE seals with metal core(on request).
•    Integral seal in PTFE up to DN100.
•    DN125-150– 200 PN40.
•    Reduction gears with manual operator.
•    Stem extensions 50mm or 100mm up to DN100.
•    Valve ANSI150.
•    Lever with yellow handle for gas up to DN100.
•    Body - flange made of FL2.
•    For further special requests please consult our technical/
    commercial service.


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